INFJ Celebrities: Frank Ocean, INFJ Musician


I wanted to share one of my favorite INFJ musicians with you guys, Frank Ocean. If you have not heard his music you should check it out:   He does a mix of RnB/Hiphop/Soul and is very creative in his songwriting and lyrics. I usually don’t listen to RnB or anything like it but […]

How Drugs Affects You Differently Depending on Your Personality


I have decided that since I spend such a large amount of time  scavenging the web for interesting articles about MBTI, psychology and neuroscience. I will now be posting some of my interesting findings on this blog to share with all of you. Here is some of what I’ve been reading today: Personality Types Attract […]

INFJ People: Terence McKenna on Beliefs, Religion and Spirituality


For the last couple of months I’ve been thinking a lot about spirituality and beliefs. For most of my life I have not been very religious. You could say I have always had a rational view on religion, that it doesn’t make sense when you look at it scientifically. Like for example that there could […]

INFJ Feelings in Tattoos and Idealism


I read an interesting article the other day about extroverted feeling and it sparked some thoughts in my mind concerning the different  cognitive processes. Apparently extroverted feeling is more common among men then women, and introverted feeling more common among women. This lines up well with some of the stereotyping we have in todays society. […]

INFJ Psychic Intuition: Reading the Minds of Other People


As an INFJ I think one of our greatest talents is our intuition when it comes to reading other peoples emotional states. I’ve been called a psychic at a number of occasions because I manage to understand what people will do before they actually do it. I could never explain how I draw my conclusions, […]

INFJ Relationships: Socializing and Feeling Different


One of the greater challenges of being an INFJ is social interaction and bounding with other people. Since INFJs are very rare the feeling of not fitting in is common until you manage to find the right people that are more like you. To put it into the right words, I often feel like I […]