INFJ Feelings in Tattoos and Idealism

INFJ Feelings in Tattoos and Idealism 2-300x203 INFJ & MBTI Popular Posts I read an interesting article the other day about extroverted feeling and it sparked some thoughts in my mind concerning the different  cognitive processes. Apparently extroverted feeling is more common among men then women, and introverted feeling more common among women. This lines up well with some of the stereotyping we have in todays society. I’m a fan of tattoos and acquired quite a few myself along the years. After researching a bit, it seems like tattoos is most common with extroverted feelers as a means of expression and an extension of themselves into the outside world. Now days it’s becoming more and more common and accepted to have tattoos and show them in public and at work, especially for men. When it comes to women we still have some kind of strange judgments that women should not have or show tattoos in public like men do. One might wonder if you could connect this to women having a higher amount of introverted feelers that are more likely to see tattoos in a different light then extroverted feelers. Food for thought at least.

Tattoos is yet another thing in my life that lines up perfectly with my personality and cognitive processes of being an INFJ. I’ve also discovered more patterns in me that feels true to being an INFJ and an idealistic personality. When it comes to love, attraction and friendships, I’ve realized that my taste in people often turns out to be people that stand out in the crowd, just as I see myself. With that I mean not in an physical attraction sense but that they have something that makes them special, both in positive or even negative ways. I feel I gravitate towards people that are unique and have some depth in their character. Maybe it is because I am this myself, a complex person, and superficial people bore and don’t interest me. When I think of my friends and people I at some point felt was true  friends, I can see that there was always something that separated them from the rest. Some talent, trait or unusual behavior that made me feel like I wanted to get to know them more.

As an INFJ I am among few people that can see past peoples flaws and see them for who they really are and their potential. I noticed that people that have issues socially gravitate towards me because they do not have to pretend who they are when they are with me. They will be seen and accepted for who they really are and when you think about it, isn’t that what we all INFJs wants to be accepted for in the end as well. We are extroverted feelers projecting ourselves and our feelings out into the world. Considering the values we hold on the inside maybe this is one of the greatest strengths with INFJ types.


  1. tania says

    I have tattoos.
    Not alot and not particularly good ones.
    I got these as a much younger self, quite probably when I was trying to find a label and purpose.
    I found myself dressing and acting out and drawing attention to myself for about 5 years.
    This was me fighting against myself, trying to escape the internal and break free. As if these physical changes would help me attach to the outside world.
    Needless to say it failed miserably, I thought people were starring at me I couldn’t eat in public or even just walk down the street without the feeling of eye’s apon me…. I was living a nightmare!
    I still like my tattoos there a part of me and tell a tail. I can say I’m pretty tough now and walk around with much less selfconciousness. Not because of the tattoos ooooh no, but because I’ve learnt who I am and how I function. When im fealing apprehensive I know why and simply because of this I can use my rational to kick myself up the but and continue on corse!

    • Alex says

      Hi Tania,
      Thanks for sharing! I think there is a purpose for every experience in life, even the negative ones. There is always something to learn from them and they mold and form you into the person you will become. Glad to hear that you feel less self conscious now.

  2. s says

    interesting what you said about tattoo.

    as a female INFJ i have no desire to ink my body. i don’t object it or find it offensive in some moralistic way for tattooed people. i don’t do it because i am extremely cautious in anything permanent. What if I pick the wrong graphic or words? What if I regret the location? The more I thought about it the firmer I decided it’s not for me. My self expression can be done somewhere else.

    On your later statement, I totally get the tendency to pick out interesting people in a crowd. We can tell right away who they are, if there’s any. I can’t stand having a mundane conversation with a boring mind. If I must talk to anyone at a social situation, I might as well pick the most fascinating brain to pick apart. I bet this makes total sense to you, my fellow INFJ.

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