INFJ Celebrities: Frank Ocean, INFJ Musician

I wanted to share one of my favorite INFJ musicians with you guys, Frank Ocean. If you have not heard his music you should check it out:
He does a mix of RnB/Hiphop/Soul and is very creative in his songwriting and lyrics. I usually don’t listen to RnB or anything like it but there is something with Frank Ocean’s music that sounds amazing to me on every level. He puts a lot of thought into the lyrics and the message in his songs. When I found out he is an INFJ I got even more interested in him as a person, he has a great personality. You should check out some of the interviews with him on Youtube and you will see the INFJ traits. He was as selected as Rookie of the year in “GQ Men of the Year 2012“, great win for INFJs.

This BBC interview below is a great example. Notice the pausing in-between words (introversion), deep N oriented explanations, using whole face for expressions and smiling (extroverted feeling). This is just a few giveaways.



  1. Kate says

    Frank Ocean is my favorite artist by far. I am a 5w4, INFJ, and HSP. Finding this website tonight has been crazy & incredible to hear someone else’s point of view articulated that is similar to my own.

  2. Kaylee says

    I feel like since you run an INFJ website you’ve probably gotten this many times, or maybe you haven’t, but I think you may be the male version of me and it’s so endlessly comforting. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I was close to crazy when I came across your E-book and I really am so thankful. Also how is it possible you like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd? Two of probably my all time favorite musicians. I didn’t even know Frank Ocean was an INFJ but that’s also really comforting to know. And beautiful

  3. Anonymous says

    Frank Ocean is amazing. Even without watching his interviews, the piercing emotional depth of his songs is a clear pointer to his INFJ cognitive preferences. When I listen to his songs, I feel like I’m diving into the ocean of my psyche as he narrates it — it’s like his songs are a mirror of my dreams and inner, subconscious dialogues. Lately I’ve been waking up to find Pyramids playing in my mind on repeat.

    • says

      I totally agree, and Pyramids is an amazing track. Buildup in layers in that song makes it so unique. Lately I’ve been listening to The Weeknd a lot as well and his music appeals to me also. But he is clearly not an INFJ, more on the lines of ISFx.

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