Lithium Orotate Anxiety Benefits: The Mineral For Mood Disorders

There are many Lithium Orotate Anxiety Benefits: The Mineral For Mood Disorders Lithium-Orotate-Anxiety-Benefits-The-Mineral-For-Mood-Disorders-cloud-300x267 HSP (Highly Sensitive People) INFJ & MBTI Introverts Lifestyle Neuroscience Popular Posts ways to deal with anxiety and depression, one of which is as easy as taking the right supplement every day. Lithium Orotate anxiety supplement is a great addition for anyone struggling with these issues. Lithium Orotate benefits most types of mood disorders

Quiet, reserved, thoughtful and deep – these are just a few words that perfectly describe people with introverted personalities. These traits are wonderful in many ways, but people who fall under the INxx personality types have higher sensitivities, making them prone to unique health problems such as anxiety, depression or other mood

Being introverted doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about being prone to these mood disorders.

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Lithium Orotate Anxiety and Mood Disorders

Lithium Orotate Anxiety Benefits: The Mineral For Mood Disorders Lithium-Orotate-Anxiety-Benefits-The-Mineral-For-Mood-Disorders-anxiety-300x214 HSP (Highly Sensitive People) INFJ & MBTI Introverts Lifestyle Neuroscience Popular Posts One of the most common supplements for mood disorders is lithium orotate. And while it has always been associated with psychiatric medication, lithium is an alkali metal that comes from the same family as sodium and potassium. Originally discovered to treat manic depression (now known as bipolar disorder), it has been used for a long time to stabilize mood and treat a wide range of mood disorders.

The specific connection between lithium and how it works for mood disorders is inconclusive. Doctors believe, however, that lithium increases the synthesis and release of the happy hormone serotonin. It also does the opposite to the stress hormone norepinephrine.

But that’s not the only effect of lithium. Aside from improving emotional balance, lithium provides many excellent benefits including the following:

  • Brain protection – regular lithium treatment has shown to have neuro-protective effects. It increases Heat Shock Proteins which promotes the disposal of abnormal proteins and refolding of misfolded proteins in the brain. It also induces a certain molecule in the brain known as Bcl-2 that protects brain cells from dying.

  • Heart protection – it also increases the production of VEGF or vascular endothelial growth factor, a protein that promotes cell development and neurovascular remodeling. This has been found to help people recover faster from a stroke.

  • Improves brain function – Lithium increases N-acetyl aspartate (NAA) in the brain, which is correlated with IQ scores. It has also been found to create new neurons in the hippocampus, which is the brain’s memory center

  • Increases longevity – A 2011 study found a positive correlation between life-span and levels of lithium in drinking water, with the conclusion that long term low-dose exposure to lithium may exert anti-aging capabilities.

    Lithium Orotate Benefits vs. Other Forms of Lithium

    Lithium Orotate Anxiety Benefits: The Mineral For Mood Disorders Lithium-Orotate-Anxiety-Benefits-The-Mineral-For-Mood-Disorders-lithium-150x150 HSP (Highly Sensitive People) INFJ & MBTI Introverts Lifestyle Neuroscience Popular Posts With these positive things about lithium, you may wonder why it still has a cloudy reputation until today. This is because in very high doses, the mineral can be toxic to the body.  The body poorly absorbs pharmaceutical forms of lithium – lithium carbonate and lithium citrate – hence they’re always taken in huge doses to obtain a satisfactory effect. Individuals taking these versions have to be monitored and have their blood checked regularly to ensure that they do not reach toxic levels.

    Lithium orotate anxiety treatment differs from prescription lithium. The orotate binder transports the lithium easily into the membranes of the cells, requiring a much lower dosage than prescription forms of lithium. For example, severe cases of depression may only require a dose of 150 mg of lithium orotate per day. This is far lower than 900 to 1800 mg of prescription lithium. Because intake is generally lower, there are no adverse side effects, making it safe for every day use.

    We recommend this lithium orotate supplement for daily use to help balance moods.

    Your Hormones and Your Mood

    Of course, there are also other factors other than personality that increases your risk of having mood disorders. More than personality, your hormones play a very vital role in your overall physiological and psychological health. Hormonal imbalances, such as having low testosterone and high estrogen have been seen to cause depression and anxiety in men, quite similar to effects of estrogen imbalance in women – which is often evident during menses and menopause.

    With this, it’s important to keep your hormones in check and maintain a state of balance in your body. Anabolic Health specializes in men’s hormonal health, while Women in Balance specializes in women’s hormonal health. You can visit these websites to find out more about hormones and the things you can do to maintain or restore hormonal balance to keep your body at optimum health.

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