INFJ Characteristics: Idealist, Morals and Hardships in Life

INFJ Characteristics: Idealist, Morals and Hardships in Life openphotonet_devotion-prayer1-300x265 INFJ & MBTI Been reading a bunch of INFJ articles lately and it sparked some thoughts about our idealistic tendencies and implementing our intuitive ideals in our external physical world. In other means the constant struggle we have between Ni and our inferior function Se. I can relate to this in my line of work since I work with digital arts for a living. I often get a feeling or image in my mind of how I envision the result to be, or how it should be in order to get the result I want (Ni). However, the real challenge comes in actually creating it in real life (Se).

Often the outcome in the real world does not meet up to the envisioned ideal or moral in our mind, it’s not enough and this is where the pressure point for our intuition and inferior function lies. Where we create our stress. This is the source of our perfectionist tendencies, INFJs have the ability to envision a perfect ideal that is not possible to reach in the real world where things are chaotic and much the opposite of what we want. We gain many of our talents from this since we somehow are able to see these solutions that are not based on anything we previously know in the real world. They just appear to us out of the the blue. One theory could be that this has to do with the connection of opposites and our talent of jumping from A to D without having to pass by B and C.

This is where the internal power struggle lies and the part of us which we should all strive to understand better in order to live a life free from stress and anxieties. We create these ideals for everything in our lives. Like how we should behave in situations, how things should play out , how our relationships should be, what job we should have or how we should feel about things. When these ideals turn out the opposite of what we envision them to be we can feel unhappy, full of disappointment and regret. One might even argue the question of what is the point of there existing INFJs and having this ability if our morals and visions can never be actualized in real life.

I think that even though this might bring us much unhappiness in our lives this is how we are meant to be and we should not strive for being something we are not if we ever want to feel good about ourselves. This is our driving force which pushes us forward in our lives and let’s us see and feel things others simply cannot. We need to follow our hearts in this and when things does not turn out how we wished them to, we have to remember that this is how life is. The important part is trusting yourself and staying true to what you think and feel about things, even when life tries to tell you otherwise. Intuition is our key.


  1. lola says

    ´´ We create these ideals for everything in our lives ´´

    oh boy this has happened to me. and not sure where to start to collect steppingstones to build a more realistic life or let´s say outlook.

    i feel that with some things i was hindered not sure but it is also a challenge, which i think we like, to look for solutions.

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