INFJ Careers to Avoid and the Best Jobs for INFJs

INFJ Careers to Avoid and the Best Jobs for INFJs 88888-533-BusinessSuccessSecurity-Green-300x168 INFJ & MBTI Popular Posts There is many mixed opinions when it comes to career choices for INFJs. Especially in the areas of art and careers where we get to use our Se (extroverted sensing) function. Se is our inferior function in our stack and it is the most difficult one to handle in a healthy way. A source of stress and anxiety for INFJs is often our Se and this function is in our stack to balance our dominant function Ni (introverted intuition). Ni is a introverted function and complex by nature, it helps us connect the dots and make sense of information we take in. It is an completely unconscious function with the work being done underneath the surface of our functioning. Basically Se is like the polar opposite of Ni which is why we are attracted to using this function.

I have played around with music, painting, drawing and other things that lets me express my Se most of my life. I have always been drawn to it and the last couple of years I have begun to understand the implications it can have for an INFJ. It’s a bit of a hate love relationship. It is very easy for me to imagine the perfect outcome of a piece of art in my mind, the ideal of what I want to create. But when put under pressure, self doubt or perfectionistic tendencies can often implicate things and distort your vision. I can start to obsess about details and feel like the results never come out like I imagined them to be, it’s never perfect. This is where the tension comes from playing around to much with our inferior and it can make you grow impatient with yourself and create stress and self doubt.

I’ve seen other articles on blogs that recommend INFJs against career choices that involves our Se. I’m a bit divided in it and I feel INFJs should go down that line of work if they want, as long as they feel that it also brings them happiness. Personally I don’t feel fulfilled without getting to indulge myself in some project using my Se, it is the only time I actually feel free and out of my busy introverted mind. It’s brings me peace inside while working with my Se and since I enjoy doing it, I’ve become talented in this area which makes it easier to pick it as a career choice. I create something in the external world and I feel that bridges the gap between my mind and the external, which I often feel  quite separated from. I like the idea that others get to enjoy what I’ve created and as an intuitive artist I bring a completely different perspective into creating art. When under pressure working in a career choice like this can bring you a lot of stress, but as they say no pain no gain. I believe we can’t function to our full potential until we learn how  to handle our inferior function, and there is no other way then by using it often. Avoiding it will just make you want to indulge in it more and it is a part of you either you like it or nor.

It is good to make sure you also have other interests that let’s your Ni relax alone in it’s natural habitat without Se. I like to read, write and speculate about deep things. The key is balance your functions and know when you are overdoing it and it is doing you more harm then good. If art interests you find your personal perspective in it, the side that lets you use all of your skills as an INFJ and also indulge in your Se as needed. I’m convinced that INFJs can excel well in this area if you learn your limits and what particular set of skills you bring to the table.


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    The ideal work environment for an INFJ  is harmonious, industrious, and oriented to a humanitarian mission, with co-workers who are similarly committed to positive change. The ideal job for a Counselor allows them to use their creativity in an independent, organized environment to develop and implement a vision that is consistent with their personal values. The top driver for INFJs in choosing a career is the opportunity to do something that is consistent with their values. Often, INFJs choose careers in helping professions like health care, education, or counseling. INFJs are thinkers by nature and appreciate careers that allow them to use their intellect on problems that interest them. Often, these are people problems, for instance in psychology, but INFJs can also be found in other areas of the sciences and even engineering.

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  4. HS says

    Hi, I have been thinking about this, and I find that Se jobs are exhausting and never up to standard, unless the Se job I am doing is part of my big plan, i.e.: It is part of my vision and a necessary part of my favorite job, coaching and counselling. Then I can let go of my perfectionism and disappointments, because I work fromt the joy of being, and imperfect work is part of being. Even if I make mistakes, I handle criticism better, because I do want the Se job to mirror the vision I have and that is highly motivating . Any other Se job I do, like to please someone or to help someone, is more often better done by others than me, unless I practiced for a long time. I think this is artisitic field ( vision into concrete results) can work for an INFJ allthough an INFJ should maybe not do restorations on paintings, were the room for mistakes in Se handywork is minimal, or copy music by hand

  5. horn28 says

    Attempting to deal iwth your Inferior function directly is a bad idea – it is inefficient and unsustainable. The effective way to deal with the Inferior funtion is through the Dominant function. So, for INFJ’s, we effect Se change (physically changing the external world) by coming up with ideas and visions (using our Ni and Fe). see this article for more information:

    Also, I would advise doing your research before giving out, arguably, bad advice like advising INFJ’s to go into artisitc fields, thereby staking their livelihood and ambitions on their Inferior function, which is a massively underdeveloped function.

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    I have the same opinion as yours that we should choose such career where we feel most satisfied regardless of our types. I do software development with an inclination towards educational software to make my values satisfied, and at the same time, I do writing and play music as a hobby; great way to become more of myself!

  7. Anonymous says

    I’m an INFJ and a chemist by trade. But after I had already begun my science career I also became a part time yoga instructor which I’ve found to be far more fulfilling. It helps to integrate my Se (and Si, our 8th function). The mind body connection it brings is an unbelievably positive thing for me. It’s always funny to me to find the different ways that INFJs come to express their Se in a way that is beneficial for them :)

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