INFJ Weaknesses: Managing Your Energy

INFJ Weaknesses: Managing Your Energy A009_C004_1006X6-300x168 HSP (Highly Sensitive People) Introverts In this post I want to talk about Energy Management as an INFJ and a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Most of my life I’ve felt that I have far less energy compared to other people. I get tired faster and feel tired a lot of the time. It drains me interacting with people for long periods and being in environments with lots of sensory stimulation like loud sounds, bright lights and lots of people. I can still do it but for periods of time only and I need to know that I can withdraw at any given time I want or I will get stressed. In life this is easier said than done and in most situations it doesn’t work out this way. From a INFJ perspective I can see that we have these amazing skills like intuition that just flows naturally, and this is the price we pay for having a mind that always gathers data and never shuts off when we want it to.

I’ve tried to find good solutions that helps me compensate for this and makes living my life easier. There are no solutions, you can’t and should not want to change who you are, but you can help yourself in changing the life you live to better suit who you are as a person. I used to have tons of anxiety everyday, stressed and depressed and it even affected my health and body. My blood pressure was always high, it affected my balance, repeating infections, sinus problems and I had insomnia on a daily basis. If you are familiar with adrenal fatigue this is what I am talking about.  Being an INFJ with all of these issues as well really took it’s toll since we are more sensitive by nature. So one day I just decided it has to stop.

Exercise & Diet:

What has helped me change the most is exercise and diet. I now try to go to the gym, run or walk outside at least every second day. It’s gives me more energy for coping and I would say my daily anxieties is less then 50% of what they used to be because of it. I get stressed less, have no issues with insomnia, OCD tendencies doesn’t affect me as much and I feel calmer as a person. It makes a huge difference and brings out my positive qualities more and helps keep the negative ones at bay.

I also changed my diet to a Pescatarian one (vegetarian but eat fish). This is not something I recommend everyone to do. I mean if you enjoy meat you definitely should eat it, life is to short not to do what you want. But I can speak of how it helped me and if you feel comfortable with the idea I suggest you try it. I’m not a believer in that meat is completely unhealthy, but I think as a vegetarian you eat better overall and you also improve your body overall. Since you get less protein not eating meat I try to compensate for this by eating more fish, eggs, tofu, beans and also drink protein shakes when I work out. I’ve been on this diet for a year and since then I lowered my blood pressure, lost 5 kg in weight (fat) and gained muscle mass, lowered my BMI, hair and nails quality has improved and faster wound  healing. I also improved my vision to the extent that I need less correction on my contact lenses. Of course all of this improved my quality of life as an INFJ and I feel more comfortable in my body and health which gives me more peace of mind.

Supplements & Herbals:

I tried many supplements and herbs to improve my life and I wanna outline some of my favorites. First of all I use the most common supplements on a daily basis. Like fish oil and probiotic. I don’t take a multi vitamin since I do juicing instead which also gets me a lot of pythonutrients not available in pills. I drink a lot of green tea daytime and roobios or caffeine free tea in the evening before sleep. The theanin in green tea really calms me and helps me focus, I get less anxiety and become more productive. Theanin is scientifically proven to promote Alpha brainwaves:

I have about 3-5 cups a day and green tea is also one of the most healthy things you can ingest, containing antioxidants that help improve overall health and liver function. Roobios tea also contain antioxidants but no theanine. I drink it in the evening since it’s caffeine free and helps me sleep better.

I buy this Theanine:
Now Foods, L-Theanine 200 Mg, Veg-Capsules, 60-Count  

For stress management and when things get extra though in life I take a herb called Rhodiola Rosea. This is my favorite supplement and over here in Europe it sometimes goes by the name Arctic Root (not to be confused with  Siberian Ginseng). Rhodiola acts as an adaptogen in the body and helps it cope by balancing out neurotransmitters and hormone levels in the body. You can read more about it here:

In Scandinavia and other parts of the world it has been used for centuries to cope with harsh climates and stressful lives. The Russians used it in the cold war to improve health and stamina in it’s soldiers. It’s considered safe and has close to no side effects. I use it for stress control at work and it really makes a big difference. Increases your mental capacity and overall mood while making you less prone to irritation and stress.

I buy this Rhodiola:
Gaia Herbs – Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, 60 capsules 

Sleep is very important and I have learned that as an INFJ it makes all the difference. Our introverted intuition needs sleep to reboot, process and save up the data we gathered in the day. Without sleep it quickly builds up and results in overload in the end. I simply don’t function without enough sleep compared to other personalities that seems to be able to do it. I think this has to do with the intuition part and what side of the brain you use the most. Here is a cool and quick test to find out which brain side in you is dominant:

For periods of stress and lots of exercise I supplement with Magnesium before going to bed. Magnesium helps relax the muscles in your body and is also needed to regulate the stress hormone cortisol. I highly recommend that you make sure you get enough magnesium in your diet, but to much is not good either. To much cortisol can have a bad influence on your mood and wellbeing.

I buy this Magnesium:
NOW Foods Magnesium Capsules, 180 Capsules / 400mg  

In periods with a lot of overtime work I often have trouble relaxing and falling a sleep at night. Lacking sleep can be really bad at these times since when you work a lot you need to function on an even higher level then usual. If you don’t get enough sleep you never can, and it turns into a downward spiral. Supplementing with small doses of Melatonin before going to bed helps me fall asleep quicker and gives me a more restful sleep. Taking Melatonin in the evening can make you experience a bit of tiredness in the morning the next day, but only for an hour or two. However, in times of stress and overtime I think it doesn’t outweigh the perks of getting a good nights rest instead. Melatonin is the natural sleep hormone produced in the body so it is not medicated or addictive like some other  sleeping pills can be. I recommend you don’t take it longer then 2 weeks in a row so your body doesn’t get used to the extra Melatonin levels. You can also use it to re-adjust quicker from jet lag.

Here are some tips that are not INFJ related but you might find interesting anyway:

A small side note on Melatonin is that it also increases the time of the sleep state when you dream, so you might experience a lot more intense dreams while taking Melatonin. Some people like it while others do not. I think dreams are a important way for the brain to process thoughts and I find it quite enjoyable. If you do as well you can supplement with Choline before going to bed, which will increase the vividness of your dreams. Choline is a essential nutrient normally found in cheese so eating a lot of cheese before going to bed would give the same result.

I buy this Choline:
NOW Foods Choline & Inositol Caps, 100 ct  

If you have problems with circulation in your body, for example you get cold feet or hands when siting still etc. Then I recommend supplementing with L-arginine and Pycnogenol (pine bark extract).

Both of these also improves your health in many ways more and can be used to treat certain health conditions. Mostly they help with blood circulation and micro circulation in the body which gives better protein and nitrous oxide synthesis. This is beneficial for performance in exercise and sexually.

Maca is another herb with similar properties in increasing sexual performance and gives you more energy, you can read more about it here:

I hope that some of you find these tips helpful and feel free to ask anything in the comments below!


  1. vanessa says

    i don´t know if i posted that up there, i´ll stick to my name now. it feels good to find a place or places where one feels like things are specifically fitted to one´s own problems. help is a relief (obviously).

    i can also add agnus castus vitex, those are chasteberry tablets and are good against pms. it takes about 6 weeks till one notices a difference but it helps.

    also a higher dosed valerian root. i had ones that had a higher dosis and were for the night. oh my god. it calmed my body and made me feel soft drunken sleepy like being wrapped up in the softest fabric. i wonder if people who aren´t infjs and hsp often feel that naturally.

    ear plugs. to drown out sounds that enter the body.

    for people with blood sugar problems perhaps due to stress ( awesome ) there´s a herb called gymnema that helps lower bloodsugar.

    electric fans to regulate feeling heated up, all the taking in and extras have led me to feel a certain tension in my body, sometimes feeling that the air is stuffy, and electric fans are like being at the sea. great help.
    i suspect people in the US have air conditioners, we don´t have that here. and the air that is whirled up it`s like being hit like a refreshing gust of wind.

    juicing. cleaning the system.

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